On Thursday around 3 PM Italian time, I checked into the hostel in Torino where orientation was held. I went upstairs to my room, which was shared with two other teachers, and sat down on the bed. I was exhausted after travelling halfway around the world.

Shortly after I took a shower and went to the bathroom, which I only mention because I struggled to figure out how to flush the toilet! You can ask me about that in person sometime.

At 5 PM we met for dinner and a short walk around Torino. I struggled through it due to fatigue. Then we went to sleep and I was out like a light.

The next day, we had a full three hour tour of the center city of Torino. After that, we had an afternoon of informational sessions regarding life with the host family, how the Italian school system works, and what expectations are.

Then all of the teachers had dinner and hung out for a few hours. We were all nervous about meeting our host families in the morning, but excited.

I have many pictures of the tour of Torino on my Flickr account… See the menu in the upper right corner of your screen to access it. My photos are in chronological order, so you can view the photos from February 5 for the tour. Here are a few:





5 thoughts on “Orientation

  1. I’m so excited to be following along on your trip, Nick. What a change from Harrison West! Congratulations.

    It’s often said that the things we regret at the end of our lives are not the things we’ve done but those we’ve not done. This trip is something you’ll enjoy remembering for the rest of your days, and I’m envious of you and happy for you at the same time.


    1. image-20160205_215537

      That envelope-looking thing is mounted on the wall about chest level, above the toilet. You push the buttons to flush. Seems obvious in hindsight, but I didn’t even realize they were buttons! Looked like some sort of trash receptacle to me on first sight.

      There are two buttons because there are two options for flushing – more water and less water, depending on the, er, nature of your business. All Italian toilets I have seen are like this.


  2. Italy also has communal toilets! What a great adventure awaits you!!! I remember my first trip to Europe in 1969 and to Italy again in 2013 so much the same and so much different!!


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