American Food, and Blood Oranges

I have two separate observations related to food that I’m going to combine into one post.

I have now had the opportunity to eat “American Food” in Italy. On the second night of orientation, we went to a restaurant/microbrewery and we were served Chicken Wings and Potato Chips dipped in Barbeque Sauce very similar to the Saratoga Chips served at the Montgomery Inn in Cincinnati. I thought that was interesting:


Also, we went to get pizza at a local restaurant on Monday. The restaurant also had hamburgers and I thought the hamburger page on the menu was entertaining, so I have posted it for you here. One of these days I’ll have to translate it.


Finally, a note on oranges. I have been eating “blood oranges” almost every day since arriving. They are oranges grown in Sicily which have strains of red running through them (“blood?”).

These oranges are about 1,000,000 times better than the regular orange Florida oranges we have in the states. It’s impossible for me to explain in words, just how much more flavorful they are. It’s like I’ve never had an orange in my life before this week. I’ve had lots of good food in the past week, but this is the one thing I’ve had so far that I can truly say is completely unavailable at home, as far as I know.




3 thoughts on “American Food, and Blood Oranges

  1. My Aunt Mary Who is Sicilian had a blood orange tree and a lemon tree in her backyard in California. They are the best tasting oranges and lemons. Also try Solerno it is a blood orange liqueur with Preseco and a splash of blood orange soda. It is very refreshing!! Bon Appetite!!


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