Field Trip!

On Tuesday, February 23, I went on my first field trip with the students of my school, “Albert.” We journeyed by bus to the Asian Art Museum in Turin.


We took a tour of the museum, given in English by a guide.


The students were required to remember some basics of what was discussed and were questioned on it the next day. There were some interesting items there, such as 500 year old Samurai suits of armor from Japan and Buddha statues from the Himalayas.



At the end of the tour, I got a picture with one of my classes:


The next day, Professoressa Cella had me question the students on the tour while quickly she attended to some other things. I asked the class if they enjoyed the museum. “No,” one student answered.

“Why not?” I asked.

“It was boring,” she replied, in her Italian accent with a smile. The tone of her voice indicated that this was the most obvious fact in the world. I laughed. Teenagers are the same everywhere.


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