Fare il Bucato

This evening, we’ll take a break from the grand museums, snow capped mountains, works of art, and ancient cities. We’ll take a look at everyday life through everybody’s favorite topic – laundry. Perchè, stasera faccio il mio bucato. (Because, tonight I am doing my laundry.)

As far as I can tell, clothes dryers are not common in Italy. Take a walk around the city or a drive around the countryside, even in the middle of February, and you’ll see clothes hanging from balconies everywhere you look. Or, they use little collapsible drying racks like these:


At first I was a little worried about this, but it’s not really a big deal. You get your laundry through the wash cycle more quickly because you don’t have to wait for the dryer. You just have to plan ahead and make sure to wash anything the day before you need it, so it dries in time. It’s also way better for your clothes, incidentally.

On the flipside, here’s a machine apparently common in Italian homes that I’ve never seen in American homes: elevators!



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