An Update on my Plans

I spent most of 2015 planning for this trip. During that year, it seemed like every month another friend of mine would announce their engagement and pending wedding in 2016. In total, I have five good friends and a cousin getting married this year. Each announcement made me a little sad, because I didn’t think it was possible for me to spend $1,000+ for a round trip home six times… it would eat up half of my travel budget. But, I very much enjoy weddings and each one, especially for good friends, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

When I left, I told each bride or groom that I would not be attending their wedding. I even bought and signed cards for each one and left them at my parents’ house, to be sent at the appropriate time. However, in February I started looking at the actual dates for these weddings, and three of them are three Saturdays in a row: September 17, September 24, and October 1. All of a sudden, it became much more feasible for me to come home because it’s only one plane ticket instead of three.

I started to monitor airfare prices and saw some very good deals. Last week, I made a decision. I am happy to say I have flights booked and I will be back in the United States the second week of September to attend these weddings.

After October 1, I will most likely continue my travels for a few more months, until Christmas. Originally, I planned to head to Asia in October and come home for Christmas. (See the original plans here.) With the trip home now on the horizon, I’m considering a Westward trip across America, through the mountains to the West Coast, possibly on Amtrak which they say is a beautiful journey.

From there, I can fly to Asia and travel for a month or two and then be home for Christmas.

Of course, if on October 1 I am ready to end my travels, I can also do that.


5 thoughts on “An Update on my Plans

  1. Keep the pictures coming NFZ. lt is a great way to see Italy since we can’t all be that lucky to gallivant around the globe. Glad you are making it back to the states in a few months. I will have some school audits you can start on. just kidding as I know you are done with auditing, It seems you are really enjoying the trip.


  2. Nick—-You seem to be doing well and seem to be enjoying yourself. You also have everything planned out and I hope that all works out as you plan it. When you come home in September, we have to catch a Cleveland Indian game. Let me know. Continued good luck in your travels.
    Grandpa Iammarino


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