Roma, Part 4

After the Vatican Museums, described in Roma, Part 3, we visited St. Peter’s Basilica. By most measurements, St. Peter’s is the largest church in the world. There’s really not much I can say about it, it’s best shown in pictures. Here’s a few:

Tomb of Pope/Saint John Paul II:


Elsewhere in the church:








After we exited, we hung out in the square for a few minutes. It was about sunset and there was a very nice atmosphere. There were lots of groups of pilgrims from all over the world. One group, behind me in the next picture, was having some kind of dedication ceremony and singing:


After the church, we began walking towards our apartment.We figured we’d walk for a while then catch a bus for the final stretch. We were very tired but wanted to see more. We walked from the Vatican to the River Tiber.


On the bank sits the Castel Sant’Angelo, a nearly 2,000 year old building originally built as a mausoleum for the Emperor Hadrian. There was street food and street musicians around which made for another nice atmosphere.







After the castle, we walked across the bridge and hopped on a bus headed back towards our apartment. Thanks to google maps, it’s very easy to navigate the local transit systems. We had 24 hour unlimited bus/subway passes, so all we had to do is punch in our destination. The app tells you the stop, the time, and the number bus to get on, as well as when to get off.

We got off near the Altare della Patria, or “Altar of the Fatherland,” which is a gigantic monument built in honor of Victor Emmanuel II, the first King of a unified Italy. (The monarchy lasted less than 100 years because they voted to abolish it in 1946.) Note the bus in the lower right to get an idea of how tall it is.


We had a short distance to walk back to our apartment. We walked straight past the Roman Forum, the ruins of the center of ancient Rome. We were planning on visiting the forum the next day so it was good to get a sneak peak:




When we got back to the apartment, we planned on resting for a bit and then heading out for dinner and a walk through Trastevere, a popular residential and nightlife neighborhood. However, we were exhuasted. We wanted to visit the Forum and Colosseum in the morning and we needed to get up early to have enough time before our flight. Plus we had food from the grocery store in our refrigerator. We decided to eat and go to sleep. I retired to my pull out couch.


Be sure to check out my Flickr for more photos. Click the menu bar on the upper right to get there. The Rome trip was March 11-13, 2016.




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