Il Giornale

The local newspaper just wrote an article about me. I wanted to share it with you:

In the picture, I’m in the bottom row, third from the left.


The funny thing about this article is that they quote me like the reporter spoke to me, but nobody spoke to me at all. Yesterday, the teachers I work with walked up to me and showed me the paper. They obviously spoke on behalf of me. I was surprised!

Attempted translation:

Again this school year, a native-English speaking teaching assistant, Nick _____ from Cleveland, Ohio, with a degree in business, has been assigned to Albert Institute in Lanzo. His function is to help the teachers in the Human Sciences and Economic/Social High Schools for twelve weeks.

After six weeks here is a summary of the activities carried out, through the words of the young American teacher:

“I work 18 hours week at the school, during which I am in classes with professors Silvana _____ and Patrizia _____, respectively, for the Economic/Social and Human Sciences schools.

So far I have taught about American civilization, specifically relating to business, politics, law, literature, school systems, and grammar, strictly in English.

We have also decided, in collaboration with the curricular teachers, to complement these lessons with lessons on the use of slang, which will be useful in the future when students will have the opportunity, both for work and for pleasure, to be in contact with the English-speaking world.”

Added the teachers: “Nick affirms that the students are very interested in the lessons, eager to learn how to deal with a new culture, and very prepared when they are called upon to participate in the discussions.

This experience is without a doubt a positive one, and Nick says that when he returns to the States he will bring with him many good memories.

The headmaster, Aniello ______, and we the teachers are very happy with the experience, and we have applied once again to participate in this program in the fall.”


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