On My Own

Today was my first day on my own. I took a train from Torino southeast, to the Cinque Terre national park, on the Italian Riviera.

This post looks different than my others… It’s got no pictures. That’s because I’m pressed for time. I decided it was better to make a post than not make a post, because I want to keep you updated. Tomorrow I head out at 8:30 to hike the trails.

I’ve planned a very busy couple of weeks. More or less, 3 days here, 3 days Venice, 3 days Florence, 3 days Rome. Right now I’m a bit intimidated and thinking maybe it’s too fast.

The good thing is, after Rome I have 8 days in Naples and another week in and around Campobasso. So it’ll be good to have some time to settle down and relax.

But for now, it’s go time, I have lots to do. There’s still work to be done, train tickets to book, hotels to book, and I need to think about where I’m going after Italy. I’m going to try to handle it all while still seeing all the important things!

If I was traveling for a few weeks, I think it’s normal to have very little downtime. But since I’m planning on traveling for 4 months, I need to make sure to schedule down time for myself.

I’ll learn as I go the best way to do this, I guess.

Sorry for the disorganized, image-less post. I thought it would be a good idea to record my thoughts on this first night. But now I have to go to sleep.


One thought on “On My Own

  1. So exciting!! You are going to rock this journey of a lifetime and you should relish every minute of it (the good and the challenging)!!! I am soooo jealous….some places you will find you want to stay longer then you thought and some shorter than you thought, and lucky for you…you have the flexibility and are doing it the right way. You are going to learn so much and remember.. most places take at least a day I think to feel “comfortable”. Take it all in…it is often humbling but sooooo rewarding and you will come across people and places that you might not ever see again or know their name, but the encounter is etched in your memory that will make you smile over a lifetime. Think of you often. Take care.


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