Looking Back

Tonight’s my last night on the beautiful, chaotic, mysterious, exotic isle of Sicily. I treated myself to a nice dinner of salume e formaggi


pasta alla norma


and a horse meat steak


The whole thing was about $20. Sicily is cheap, it’s great.

But anyways, as I ate my dinner, I started looking back on the past 4 1/2 months in Italy. I thought about the day I arrived and my first days in Torino. The changing of the seasons and of the landscapes. I went from the cold February beneath the northern Alps, to Sicilian beaches and nearly 100° F mid-June afternoons. I pulled out my phone and started reading some of my old blog posts.

It’s great to read them to look back. I really enjoyed reading this one (Baby Steps) because it shows how far I’ve come. When I got here, I really was very intimidated to get a coffee  or a bus ticket. Crazy to think about, after what I’ve done the past month.

Anyways, I’ve got to go to bed to make my flight in the morning. I’m flying out of Sicily and returning to “The Continent,” which is what Sicilians call the rest of Italy.

I’ll leave you with some bonus footage: me trying an oyster at the market in Palermo the other day.


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