About Me


I’m Nick. This site is my way to share my travels with my friends and family.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Nick,

    I was reading a travel insurance forum and you basically asked all the questions I had in regards to what travel insurance to use for traveling for an indefinite about of time. What travel insurance did you end up using? There are too many options, yet not enough at the same time.




    1. Hi Carley,

      InsureMyTrip.com is really great for travel insurance. I ended up going with Global Underwriters because their policy was more medical-oriented and I was worried more about health care than I was about things like lost baggage. They were the only one who didn’t require preauthorization of medical expenses, so I went with them. I don’t think you can do an indefinite amount of time with them – it’s more of a fixed term thing. You’ll want to get insurance at home also to cover you for major illnesses, etc. Does that help?



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